We think our pets are our best buddies. Do you?


We are their world, just as they make up ours


You will simply love how your dog loves the food you make for it!

Eat Healthily with Your Pets

‘Healthy eating’ is not just a practice, but a life-statement of today. Off-late, there has been kind of a revolution all over the world, and an increasing number of people are bidding junk food goodbye. Healthy eating is not just limited to quitting junk food, however. People are becoming more conscious about how their food is grown, and how fresh the ingredients that they use are. As a result, today we have people opting for organic produce over chemically grown vegetables and fruits, fresh food over frozen, processed or packet food, and food that is wholesome over fast food. Despite these changes that human beings have made in their diet, not much has been done to feed healthy and homemade dog food to man’s best friends- dogs! 

Know the WHY

Rethink DIY Natural Pet Food for Your Dogs

As dog-lovers ourselves, our mission is to make sure that every pet – dog is given good quality, homemade dog food to save them from the side-effects of store-bought food. Besides, our key-aim is to encourage dog-owners to make their dogs’ food themselves, because nothing conveys warmth and love as much as cooking for your loved one. Just as children have a right to fresh, nutritious food given by parents, we believe that dogs too have the right to having good food for their healthy development.

A lot of people think that making their dogs’ food themselves is a laborious and time-consuming process. However, we are here to show how a little bit of patience, and a whole lot of care can go a long way in improving your dog’s health with homemade dog food. After all, dogs are our best-friends!

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Who We Are

About Us - The Pet Lovers

Our love for dogs is the foundation of our work

The mission behind our work is inspired by a love that we have for dogs. The journey that we began in learning more and more about natural dog food has come a long way. Today, we have found great improvements in the health of dogs that are given this kind of food, and also in the health of our own dogs.

We want to share this knowledge with all dog owners so that all dogs everywhere can enjoy the benefits of nutritious and natural dog food.


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In a bid to become healthier and stronger, we try various things from observing nutritious diets to working out in the gym. Only by regular practice does our body and immune system become strong and resistant. Similarly, a dog's health too needs to be taken care of properly. Along with exercise, we need to pay special attention to the kind of food that we give them so that we don’t end up feeding them with substances that are harmful and chemically loaded. Because dogs make our lives meaningful and whole, it’s our duty to make sure that they too are given a comfortable and pain-free life.


Action speaks louder than word
Joe & Nicky

Our dog used to be very friendly and a playful little fellow. Full of energy, she would never sit quietly in one place for a long time. Roughly a year ago, however, we noticed that his energy levels had gone down and he was getting tired too soon. Although the vet said that he was fine, we knew that something was wrong because his coat had lost its shine and he was no more interested in playing, despite being fed various kinds of dog food. It was only recently that we discovered that dogs, just like us, should be given natural dog food. We then began to cook her food with a lot of love and care and she simply loved this new food. Today, she is once again the happy furkid.

Joe & Nicky

Kelvin & Cola

Cola was just 3 several weeks old when we adopted him from a dog shelter. He wouldn’t eat regular dog kibble of any kind as it had been too hard for him to eat and he just didn’t seem to be wanting it at all. My girlfriend and I were skeptical when our friend suggested us to switch her diet. For us, buying commercial pet food was so much easier. But, after doing some research, we make up our mind to try feeding natural dog food for the sake of Cola’s health. He liked it and begun to gain weight. The best thing is, now we just eat healthy homemade food just as Cola. Dogs are smart, they know what is the best when we are talking about food.

Kelvin & Cola

Marilyn's Family & MC

Our dog was suffering from obesity and heart problems for a very long time. Although we tried various medications, he would still not show much improvement. We always made sure that he was regularly fed good-quality, expensive dog food! It was only when we were advised to switch over to cooking our own food from fresh ingredients for our dog that we realized our mistake. We tried it for a few weeks, and the results were incredible! Now we ourselves constantly advise people we know to quit store-bought food and to feed their dog with healthy food instead.

Marilyn's Family & MC

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